Sciences & Society magazine : Light on Water

21 FEVRIER 2022

Light on water.

The sixteenth issue of your magazine Lum is dedicated to water, this precious common good under pressure.

The management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems, vital for human beings and their activities, is one of the major challenges facing humanity. Climate change, rapid urbanisation and population growth are exacerbating water-related inequalities and risks.

What is the impact on ecosystems? How can we optimise water resource management? What risks are associated with it? In this new issue Lum gives the floor to the researchers who work every day to meet the challenges of water.

Guaranteeing access to drinking water for all; measuring and understanding the consequences of human activities on fish, algae, the biodiversity of glaciers or the bacteria that inhabit water; drilling to discover aquifers or optimising crop irrigation. Question and analyse water policies and laws. Anticipating the risks of flooding, why not from space?

The University of Montpellier and its partners are at the forefront of tackling the complexity of water issues, the reflections they give rise to, and the solutions that need to be imagined all over the planet to meet what is indeed one of the unavoidable challenges of the 21st century. Go and meet them by leafing through this issue which puts water in the spotlight.